Recital Update: Hair & Make-Up Ideas/Tips

We recommend makeup for photography & stage lights but it is not required. Make-up will accentuate your child’s eyes and smiles. Photography & stage lights are bright and a child’s small facial features may appear washed out without make-up. 

Make-Up Kits
We sell professional Yofi stage makeup kits in the PDC Store. Each kit includes a duo eye shadow kit, eye shadow sparklettes, blush, lipstick, mascara and a cosmetic bag. We also sell items separately. Each kit costs $40.

Young Dancers
It can be difficult to apply makeup to a very young child. Just apply what you can and don’t worry about the rest. We recommend starting with one color of eyeshadow on the lid, blush and lipstick.

Full Stage Make-Up
For older dancers, or if you’d prefer your dancer to have full stage make-up. Here is a great BLOG to reference for instructions on how to apply the full stage make-up look.

We do not require any specific hairstyle, however, please wear any hairpiece/accessory that is included with your costume, so that you match the rest of the class. Use lots of hairspray & bobby pins to ensure hair styles & hair accessory pieces are secure for stage!

Hairstyle Ideas
Curled hair
Half-up, Half-down
Ballet bun (how-to video)