Recital Tickets

Welcome back from Spring Break! As we prepare for the upcoming recital — ticket sales begins this Thursday (for Parent Volunteers only) and next week Monday for all others. In your recital packet you will find a section on Recital Tickets, however here are a few extra ticket tips.

Important Dates
April 6 – 9     Ticket Sales Open for Parent Volunteers Only (at 9 AM)
April 10         Ticket Sales Open for dance families with a code (at 9 AM)
May 2            Ticket Sales Open to anyone (without code) at midnight

Ticket Codes
To ensure each family gets tickets to the show, we use Ticket Codes to reserve seats for every dancer!

  • Each FAMILY will receive a ticket code, not student. Therefore, you can use ONE code to purchase tickets to all shows needed.
  • Families or Dancers who are in multiple shows should have received a 20% off coupon code to also use. If you did not, please let us know!
  • Use your code to purchase your tickets ASAP when ticket sales open. Anyone who does not purchase their tickets by May 2, when they open to the public, takes the chance of not being able to get tickets.

Check your email today!

  1. Ticket codes were sent via email today (they were sent March 30 for Parent Volunteers). This ticket code was sent from ( to the main email address we have in your Parent Portal.
  2. Review the details on your Ticket Email:
    • Review the Max Seats available to plan ahead.
    • Check your Valid After date. If you are a parent volunteer, be sure this says April 6. If you signed up to volunteer after March 30, this will still say 4/10 in your e-mail, but has been updated – email to confirm if you’re concerned.
    • Keep in mind it says 10:00 AM (Eastern) – sales open at 9:00 AM Central.  This is not a setting we can change, as the ticket company is not located in our time zone.
  3. PRINT / SAVE your ticket code so you can easily access it on April 6 or 10.
  4. If you DO NOT have a ticket code – contact Erica ASAP to receive your code.
  5. Ticket codes will be resent (as a reminder) on the morning of April 10.

Sharing Codes
You can use your code multiple times, until it’s ticket limits are exhausted. You can purchase your tickets and then share your code with other family members so they can purchase the others that are allocated to your dancer.

Ticket Limit
Ticket codes set limits on the # of tickets each dancer can purchase for each show. However, don’t worry if you need more tickets, there will most likely be additional tickets available on May 2 when it opens to the public. New this year! Anyone (with or without a code) can purchase tickets on May 2 on our website or the ticket website. 

6 ticket limit (Show 1, 2)
8 ticket limit (Comp Show, Tiny Dancers Pre-Dance, Show 3)
10 ticket limit (Tiny Dancers Creative Movement)

If you need additional tickets to the show, go back to the ticket website/PDC website on May 2 (opens at midnight) and you can purchase as many as you need. A code is not needed and a limit is not set, therefore this is a great option for additional friends/family to purchase seats. There will be no ticket wait lists, just a first-come, first-served option to purchase online on May 2 for anyone needing more.

Ticket FAQ

  • Tickets are $16 (ages 5+) and are assigned seating, not general admission.
  • Tickets are non-refundable or exchangeable, so be sure to purchase to the correct show!
  • If available, tickets will be $20 at the door.

How to Purchase Tickets

  1. Visit the Recital Tickets Link on our website on April 10 starting at 9:00 AM. Volunteers can access on April 6 at 9:00 AM.
  2. A pop-up will ask for your dancer’s name (First, Last). This will direct you to purchase tickets to the correct show. Be sure you do not purchase tickets to the wrong show – view show assignments here.
  3. Find your ticket code email and copy/paste in your code.
  4. Purchase your seats and PRINT YOUR TICKETS or stop by the front desk and we will print them for you.
  5. You MUST have printed tickets the day of the show. Follow the link in your receipt to print your tickets.