Recital News – Costumes

Recital Season is in Full Swing!

Every year after Winter Break is our kick-off & countdown to RECITAL, the highlight of our season. Dancers can look forward to hearing their recital songs, starting their recital dances, and the best part of all…seeing their costume! You will notice a photo board in the lobby revealing each class’s costume. You can also check-out the costumes¬†HERE.

Costumes have been Ordered!

As you know, dancers were measured for costumes in class throughout the month of December. In order to receive the costumes in time, we have already placed the order (exciting!). If your dancer was absent during measuring, you have been notified via email. The deadline for submitting non-participation recital forms was yesterday. If we did not receive a non-participation form from you, your dancer was ordered a costume for the class they are enrolled in as of January 8th.

Costume Payment

The costume fee is posted to your account and due on January 15th. You may pay in any form prior to the 15th at the front desk or via your parent portal. Remaining balances for costume fee(s) and January tuition will be automatically processed on the 15th. For information regarding a costume fee payment plan, please contact Annie.

Class Changes

Due to costume ordering and tight deadlines for receiving the costumes, we close registration this month. If for any reason your dancer needs to switch classes, please email Lexi. Any drops this month will still be responsible for the costume fee, as costumes cannot be returned/exchanged & are non-refundable.