Recital News 5/3: Dressing Room vs. Changing Room

Dressing Room
All dancers will remain in the dressing room during the entire show. Parents will drop off & pick up dancers here. The dressing room at Jefferson High School is in the Cafeteria, however, this space is not an enclosed room. Therefore, the “dressing room” is just a waiting area for dancers while they are not lined-up for stage or dancing. *Please note, because this space is an open area, ALL classes will be placed here, including boys. Also, there may be male chaperones & males present during dancer drop-off & pick-up. With this in mind, if dancers have a costume change – please use the designated Changing Room…..

Changing Room
We have rented a separate room that dancers should use for changing during the show. The changing room will be located in the cafeteria (in the center on a small stage area). Look for signs right in front of the door. Dancers will wait in the Cafeteria with their class and only use this room during their quick costume change(s). 

Dancers with Costume Changes
If your dancer is in multiple classes in one show, please plan to go back and help them change if they are not old enough to change on their own. If you cannot go back to help them, you will need to inform the parent volunteer.