Recital Day Reminders

Recital is THIS WEEKEND – Please Read Recital Day Reminders!
What to Pack
Pre-pack today and double check all your items to ensure you have everything. Label your items & keep costumes hung in a garment bag. A labeled laundry basket works great to haul stuff in & ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Costume
  • Tights
  • Dance Shoes
  • Hair Accessory
  • Hair/make-up items
  • Activity for dressing room
  • Water bottle
  • Nut-Free, non-messy snack
There is construction on 100 S/Normandale, so please leave early. Our shows start on time!
Another reason to leave early! There is a basketball tournament at the school during recitals, so parking may be limited. Over flow parking is in the streets across from the school or down at Olson Middle School (3 blocks west of Jefferson). Dropping-off dancers before parking/carpooling is also a good option!
Please arrive 30 minutes before showtime!
Dancer Entrance: Door #34 (look for sign) – Guests: use Main Jefferson Entrance (look for PDC sign & balloons)
Print Your Tickets!
Have your tickets for you and your family printed & ready to show at the auditorium door upon entrance. Remaining tickets will be available for purchase in the lobby.

Dressing Room & Dancer Drop-Off

  • Look for Dressing room sign (cafeteria)
  • One parent allowed in dressing room area to drop-off/pick-up your dancer
  • Find your class sign/table
  • Check that the volunteer has your accurate cell #
  • Leave your dancer & find your seat in the auditorium

Changing Room
The dressing room is an open area for males & females. If a dancer needs to change costumes, please use the designated changing room in the cafeteria.

During Show
Our shows will last 2 hours max (Tiny Dancers 30-45 min). Please remain in your seats throughout each performance & ideally for the entire show. If your dancer needs help with a costume change, please sit on the end of the isle, if possible, & only enter/exit auditorium in between dances.
Each show (besides Tiny Dancers) has a 10-min intermission. Parents should not come to the dressing room to pick-up or visit with dancers at this time. No dancers are allowed in the auditorium (even if they only dance in one half of the show).
Dancer Pick-Up
Only one parent should be picking up your dancer in the dressing room at the end of the show. Dancers should remain in the dressing room throughout the entire show.
After the Show
After picking-up your dancer, please visit with family & friends in the main lobby area or outside. The cafeteria area & auditorium needs to be cleared to prepare for the next show!

Show Order & Costume Changes
The recital order is different from the Dress Rehearsal order. See Show Orders Here: Tiny Dancers, Show 1, Show 2, Show 3. Make note of which costume & shoes your dancer starts in, as well as costume changes for your dancer (if applicable). A Quick Changing Room is available backstage (left side) for anyone who needs it!