A Reason to Stretch

There’s always time, space and a reason to Stretch!

Even though our very busy comp season is over we are always preparing for the next year! Summer time is a great time to grow as a dancer and one of the best ways to do that is to make sure that you stretch during the off season- even though you may not have dance every day, you definitely should continue to stretch.

Of course you want to make sure that this benefits you and not HURT you! Over-stretching can result in long term injury and is not the way to go! Please make sure the everything you are doing with your body is something a teacher has told you to do or can do. We want to strongly urge dancers to not just use YouTube as a source or create their own stretch because everyone’s body is different and some are just not going to be able to bend or stretch that way, or they may have not developed the strength to support it yet. Please make sure that at home stretching is done correctly and with the guidance of your teachers voice in your head 🙂

Please use our video to help guide your dancer through a general stretch and remind them of these few points on why this is beneficial to keep up during the off season!

1. Improves Flexibility:  Every year us teachers get students that want to know “how” to become more flexible! Everyone can improve their flexibility. It is always going to be different person to person (again, why dancers should take exercises from their teachers not YouTube) but stretching is the way to get to your max flexibility. And this is definitely an easy-does-it stretch! Working to improve flexibility needs to be a process and important to do correctly.

2. Range of Motion: Stretching helps show us what our bodies can do. How far we can reach, lengthen and balance. When dancers actually stretch full out they should be able to see and reach their max range of motion and continue to use that in choreography.

3. Improves Posture and Technique: When dancers take the time to make sure they are stretching to their max potential this will improve technique, body alignment and posture.

4. Decreases risk of Injury: Stretching does strengthen our muscles, balance and over all coordination helping us from falling- but more importantly it will help lessen the injury if one should fall.

5. Consistency!  Making sure to stay stretched in the summer time is so important because it makes you a consistent dancer year long- and a better dancer! If you only take the time during comp season to train, stretch and practice you will not get better or stay consistent with your skills and technique. Take this summer to build on what you already have going on! 🙂

Warm-Up Video

Stretching Video

– Miss Talya