Platinum Splits Club

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Platinum Dance Center is super excited to introduce the PDC Splits Club! Flexibility is a major component to dance. A dancer’s flexibility affects form, alignment and proper technique – as well as prevents injury. Our splits club is a chance to promote proper stretching and reward the dancers for working on this inside, and outside of the studio. How do you join?  Our instructors will be observing dancers in class to see who has their splits properly all the way down. Dancers will receive a Splits Club Pin if they can properly do all three splits (right, left and middle). Instructors will be looking for no space between the floor and legs, as well as straight knees. When can we join? The splits club is ongoing and dancers can obtain a pin anytime throughout the season! This encourages dancers to set a goal and continue their stretching routine at home. Dancers can show off their accomplishment by adding the pin to their dance bag or jacket. Happy Stretching!