Good Luck at Auditions

“I hope I get it. I hope I get it! How many people does he need?!”

A classic line – not only from the famous musical, “A Chorus Line”, but it is also something I as a dancer find myself saying quite frequently when auditioning.

As dancers, we are faced with a lot of auditions. And let’s face it – they can be scary. As someone who has made dancing their career, I constantly am thinking things like, “What are they looking for?” “Do I have what it takes?” “Did I prepare properly?”

A college professor of mine once said, “You are who you are and you cannot change that. Not succeeding every time does not make you unsuccessful.” This is some of the most beneficial advice I have ever received. He taught me to not take casting/position results too personally, and to be proud of myself regardless of the outcome.

With auditions approaching, I want to reiterate this advice to you all. Like my professor said, you cannot change who you are. Everyone is talented and unique in his or her own way. That being said, do not let auditions frighten you, but rather excite you. You are being given a chance to show a group of people how wonderful you are, and prove to them why you deserve to work for/with them. If they choose you, be proud of yourself. If they do not however, still be proud – you got out there and made the most of everything. And that is just as honorable.

– Ms. Dori J