Free Dance Classes?!

Hello dancers & parents – Miss Lexi here! I wanted to share somethings about an article I recently read written by a dad on why he doesn’t pay for dance lessons for his daughters anymore…Now don’t get too excited, he actually really does pay his dance bill, but he has a different way of looking at it and I love it! It all started because this dad was asked by a friend why do you pay so much for dance? It made him realize he could care less about dance, but what he pays for is so much more than dance. At PDC, we strive to teach our students More Than Just Great Dancing. The more is instilling values in young students and using dance as an outlet to do so. The more is what kept and is keeping dance a part of my life for going on 27 years. The more is what teaches us life lessons that go beyond dance…and yes, the more, to me, is the most important.
I talked to a dance mom yesterday about how it seems her dancer is at the studio more during the week than at home. It reminded me that families are trusting the dance studio as a safe place for their dancers to grow-up, and that we constantly need to keep our eye on the more. When I hear dancers using their manners, see them sharing with a friend, being kind to a new student, and helping pick-up around the studio – I feel just as proud, if not more, as when I witness a dancer nail a turn combination or finally get their splits flat! Even better –  when I notice a dancer get right back up and try again after failing, when dancers are finishing what they started even when they feel like giving up, and when they notice their hard work pay off by accomplishing a goal…these are the extra proud moments for us teachers because we know these moments will go beyond dance.  As dancers graduate and move on with their lives, they may not choose to use their dance talent as a career. If we can set these kids up for success in other ways, we are doing our job of providing more and we are just using dance to get there!
Ask me what I remember from my young dancing days, and it wasn’t the triple titanium platinum trophy I won at nationals, it wasn’t the names of songs I danced to or the costumes I wore, and it wasn’t the fact that I got a solo/special part and was in the front row in a routine. The things I remember are: my parents being proud of me, realizing at a young age that I wanted to make dance a career and setting that as a goal, being a leader in my high school dance program, and creating life-long friendships. Lessons I learned from dance are: self-confidence, the importance of practicing and working hard, to be on time, good leadership traits, success does not happen overnight, you can do anything you put your mind to, stand up for yourself, positivity and happiness!
I know it may not have been easy for my parents to look past the dance bill and see how much more weekly dance lessons was providing me or would provide me in the future, but I definitely know they have realized it now. Shad Martin, in his article on why he doesn’t pay for dance anymore ends by saying: “I don’t pay for dance, I pay for the opportunities that dance provides my daughters to develop attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives and give them opportunity to bless the lives of others. From what I have seen so far I think that it is a great investment!” I would have to agree with him – well said and cheers to the MORE!