Our class curriculum is based on a 30-week program. Classes begin in September and continue through May – ending with our annual Spring Recital. The first half the year, dancers will focus on proper technique and skills. In January, instructors will announce recital songs and choreography into class.

Class Times
Monthly Fee
30 Minutes $30
45 Minutes $40
1 Hour $50
1.25 Hours $62

Tuition is calculated by the year and divided into 9 equal payments (Sept – May).  Tuition is due by the 15th of every month and is the same regardless of how many classes there are in a month. There will be no refunds for missed classes or dropping without proper notice.  Tuition is non-transferable.

Registration Fee
An annual $25 per student or $35 per family (non-refundable) will be posted to your account and due within 5-7 days of registration.

Dancers taking more than one class will receive 5% off each additional class. Family Member Discounts occur when students from the same immediate family enroll in classes. If a dancer is the 2nd+ family member to enroll in a class, they will receive 5% off tuition.

Other Fees
The only other fee associated with Recreational Dance is our annual Recital Fee. All students will participate in the annual Spring Recital in May. Dancers are required to purchase one recital costume per class and have the appropriate color and style of shoes. For example, if a dancer is in Tap/Jazz and Hip-Hop Add On, they will be required to purchase TWO costumes (one for each class). Costumes will be ordered during costume week January 9 – 14. We have combined our costume and recital fees into one easy payment of $85.00 each. Costume fees are non-refundable.

Paying Your Bill
By registering for class, you automatically sign-up for AutoPay. Your full account balance will be deducted on the 15th of every month using the payment method on file. Any account more than 30-days past due will be processed for the full amount. Parents will receive an e-mail on the 1st of every month stating that tuition is due. Your balance and transactions are available through your Parent Portal. You can access this at anytime to view or print statements and receipts. You have a few options to pay your bill prior to AutoPay:

1. Pay at PDC:  Pay at the front desk using cash, check or credit card before the 15th of the month.
2. Pay Online: Login to your Parent Portal to make a one-time payment before the 15th of the month. 

Set-up Your Account
1. Login to your Parent Portal via our app or website
2. Click on the My Account tab. Select Payment Method – Bank Draft is the preferred method
3. Enter your payment information and click Save.

Late Fees
PDC charges a $20 late fee to all payments received after the 15th of the month. PDC has the right to suspend a student if delinquent payments on accounts are received.

Easy Cancellation
To cancel PDC classes, you can do so via the Parent Portal. You are responsible for tuition during the month you cancel. Cancel via the Parent Portal under “Drop Student Request” from the drop down menu.

May Payments
May is the 9th (and final) monthly installment and is due by the last week of class (May 5, 2018). PDC has the right to prohibit a student from participating in the annual recital if the account is past due.