Class Descriptions

Ages 1.5 – 6

Mommy & Me | 30 min | ages 1.5 – 2.5
Designed for toddlers and caregivers to enhance gross motor coordination and listening skills through music, props and dance.

Creative Movement | 45 min | ages 2.5 – 4
An introductory movement & ballet class for toddlers with focus on motor development, rhythm and following directions. Incorporates beginner dance steps with activities, interactive music and play.

Pre-Dance | 45 min | ages 4 – 5
A beginner tap & ballet combo class that integrates Creative Movement in a more structured studio environment. Pre-Dance focuses on dance vocabulary, basic steps and correct form.

Pre-Dance II | 45 min | ages 5 – 6
A tap & ballet combo class that continues teaching Pre-Dance fundamentals at an accelerated pace. Pre-Dance II introduces basic jazz steps and begins to incorporate combinations.

Pre-Ballet | 45 min | ages 4 – 5
Introduces the young dancer to Ballet through the stories and songs of the great ballets.

Pre-Ballet II | 45 min | ages 5 – 6
A beginner ballet class with focus on ballet class structure, terminology & technique.

Broadway Babies | 30 min | ages 4 – 6
Broadway Babies will sing, dance and act to musical hits.

Hippity Hop | 30 min | ages 4 – 6
Bounce along to the beat in this intro hip-hop class for kids.

Ages 6+

Tap & Jazz | 60 min | ages 7 – 9, ages 10 – 12 and teen
Beginner to intermediate tap and jazz combo class. This class will start with the fundamentals and progress forward with attention to technique and form. These classes also work towards improving flexibility, confidence, and showmanship.

Hip-Hop | 45 min | ages 7 – 9, ages 10 – 12 and teen
This class will focus on rhythm through hip-hop choreography and combinations along with working on beginner to intermediate hip-hop tricks.  Learn the coolest moves to share with your friends to the latest pop music!

Boys Only Hip-Hop | 45 min | ages 5 – 8, ages 9+
These classes will incorporate hip-hop combos, choreography and tricks. This class is taught by an experienced male hip-hop instructor and is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Musical Theater | 45 min | ages 7-9, ages 10 – 12
Musical Theater integrates drama, dance, singing, and improvisation in a fun and creative class. From costumes and characters to props and performances, this is one class where students truly get to show their star potential.

Lyrical | 30 min | ages 10+
Learn proper technique & skill (ballet-based) as you express emotions through graceful music & soft choreography.

Ballet | 60 min | ages 7 – 9, ages 10 – 12
Our ballet program equips today’s young dancers with the artistry and athleticism necessary for today’s dance world. While still maintaining the classical tradition of dance as an art form, the comprehensive training program offers students the opportunity to explore intellectually, artistically, and creatively while following a time-tested curriculum based on sound physical principles. We are committed to preparing all of our dancers with the skills and motivation to achieve whatever level of success they choose.