8J0A7764The Platinum Dance Center Ballet Program equips today’s young dancers with the artistry and athleticism necessary for today’s dance world. While still maintaining the classical tradition of dance as an art form, the comprehensive training program offers students the opportunity to explore dance artistically and creatively while following a time-tested curriculum based on safe physical principles. Our program also includes pointe prep, pre-pointe and pointe classes (see below) for dancers who want to further their ballet commitment. We hope to prepare all of our dancers with the skills and motivation to achieve whatever level of success in the dance world they choose.

Intro to Ballet (Beginner)

Ballet (Intermediate to Advanced)

Pointe Program

Our pointe prep/pre-pointe/pointe program follows the progressions of esteemed dance physiotherapist Lisa Howell in her widely distributed The Perfect Pointe Book. The program is for strong, committed dancers demonstrating an aptitude for hard work who are invited to participate age 9 and up. It prepares the feet, ankles, hips, and core for success in pointe shoes based on a methodical approach.

How do dancers prepare?

All dancers at PDC are taught strengthening exercises from a young age that begin the preparation process for pointe work. These exercises, reviewed inside and practiced outside of class, strengthen the toes, feet, ankles and hips for eventual pointe work. More committed dancers will then move to pointe prep and later into pre-pointe. Eventually, the dancer progresses to pointe work.

Young dancers with an interest in pointe work should be studying dance technique year-round to build strong, flexible, bodies. In the dance industry, we cite the statistic that it takes 9 months to develop muscle and only 9 hours for muscles to begin to atrophy. So time off for dancers (longer than a week) should be discouraged to avoid injury and maintain progress.

What are the attendance requirements? 

Dancers should be participating in at least 3-4 ballet technique classes per week. Weekly class attendance is required to remain in the program. Technique class before-hand in not optional as dancers should be warmed up prior to their class.

When do we get pointe shoes?

When feet, ankles, hips and core are strong (based on some simple demonstrated skills) we will discuss moving onto pointe.