image1Hi Dancers! Miss Talya here writing to you all, hoping that you will find this blog post helpful to get yourselves into gear for the new season! We all know that starting everything at once is tough.. you’ve got a new school schedule, dance schedule, homework, other sports, etc. We’ve all been there! But this is one of the most crucial times in your dance season. You are still learning the final parts of your dances and teachers are piecing it all together to make the vision come to life- so don’t slack now! Start preparing yourself to be the strongest you can be right away! Here are some tips to hopefully help you and remind you how to treat the beginning of such an exciting year… if you start strong you will only end stronger!!

*START FRESH! Clean out that locker, clean out your dance bag, get a new bun holder or maybe a leo. But do something to make you feel and understand that this is a new season, with new (and old) friends, new dances, new costumes, new results, new challenges, new memories, new goals. I know we are already in our 2nd week of classes but if you haven’t done it yet I would suggest it! 🙂

*FULL OUT NOW! It doesn’t benefit you or your team to “mark” or go light when you are learning choreography. You will need to know it 100% so practice it all the time 100% to make sure that you don’t have a tough time getting through the dance in November.

Dancers– you need to remember that everything in your dance IS IN your dance! You will need to do the skills, the choreography and bring the energy full out on stage. The only way to master that is to do it full out NOW! By the time you hit that stage you can just have so much fun and enjoy your performance instead of worrying about landing that triple or hit that arm on 6!

*BALLET! You can never have too much Ballet in your life 🙂 But let’s also be realistic… ballet doesn’t improve you overnight. It is something that takes time and repetition. So start now to see improvements by the end. You will notice improvements along the way and you when you finally land the quad pirouette you will be proud of all those hours spent in a leo and tights 🙂 Be involved, attentive, focused in ballet NOW and it will stick for the rest of the season.

*ORGANIZED. Starting your season organized is the best way to set your self up for success. Come into the studio prepared for that night’s class(es), know your choreography and know your corrections. Treat dance the same way you would school… and comps are your “tests”. You can’t study the day of a test and expect an “A” right? Well, why would you do expect the same at a dance competition? Getting ready for those moments on stage start NOW at the very beginning of the season all the way to the end… and it becomes your responsibility, just like homework from school, to know your material when you come into class.

*KNOW YOUR LIMITS. This blog isn’t called start strong…end injured…mid season. No- dancers you need to take care of yourselves. You don’t want to start any classes without warming up and stretching, you don’t want to plop into the splits and you don’t want to try an aerial even though you have never done one. KNOW WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW AND PUSH FOR WHAT YOU WANT TO DO. This goes without saying, or so it should, but with multiple injuries every year we have to remind dancers. It’s the beginning of the year- you know what is expected of you in your dances… work towards it but don’t force it.

*SET A GOAL. And I don’t mean a goal like… Winning triple platinum diamond elite top first. I mean a goal you have control over. Comp dancers don’t have control over our awards… we CAN work to produce the best routine possible and we CAN work hard to earn that Triple platinum diamond elite top first. But I mean a personal goal… something that you can always go back to work on and feel accomplished (even if no one sees or knows it). Be proud of the the goals you accomplished last year or this summer… now set your barre (hehe 🙂 ) higher. Reach further. Try new things 🙂

Those are some things that helped me over the years as a comp dancer and a professional dancer… and believe it or not these are things that I STILL live by and dance taught me that.

As with most things you just need to start routines and discipline from the get go to see real consistent exciting results, and dance is one of them 🙂

Start strong…end strong… and next year you’ll be even stronger 🙂